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Re: Dr. Evil

All the "gods" of the major male supremacist organized religions were invented by men. Like the little man behind the curtain in "The Wizard of Oz, neither god nor the wizard exists.

Hiding behind "god" men use "god" like their ventriliquists dummy, inserting their cosmic ca ca-such as the blather about god giving men dominion over women. What a crock.

Since "god" is an invention of men, and "gods" word is mens word, men do not Play god—they ARE god.

These tin-horn "gods" must be disobeyed, ignored, and exposed as the arrogant little shits they are.

According to male supremacist organ-ized religion, the purpose of women is to provide sex on demand and manufacture men. This is why freaks like Dr Hager are anti abortion.

They are afraid that if women all over the world had access to abortion and emergency contraception, the numbers of men, especially conservative men would be reduced.

Since they want control over who gets born (anti abortion and anti birth control) and who gets killed (starting and funding wars) they would no longer be the "gods" of women if woman had power over their own bodies.

IN the movie Rain without Thunder, a woman said,

"Men fear a womans right to choose. It is at the heart of all their politics but they cant see it like a fish cant see water.

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