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Building a World of Abundance

In January 2005, William McDonough spoke to the Instituto de Empressa Spanish business school at which he is chair of the Centre for Eco Intelligent Management. He spoke of measuring legacies rather than activities for future generations and of the massive undertakings he and his associates are involved with around the world.

McDonough’s team is working with over a trillion dollars in global commerce and with the nation of China. The Chinese have adopted Cradle to Cradle Design as national industrial policy and will be building new housing, based on this circular design, for 400 million people over the next 12 years!

In November 2004 the President of China stated in front of world leaders:

“We should put in place a conservation orientation management system throughout the process of exploitation, processing, distribution and consumption of resources with the view of building a resource effective national economy and resource effective society. A well protected ecosystem underpins the growing productive forces and betters the lives of the people. We should optimize the economic structure and advocate an environment friendly way of production, life and consumption and bring about a virtuous cycle in both our ecological and socio-economic systems.?

Click here and listen to the 33:54minute presentation:

The strategy of tragedy has now been replaced with a strategy of change. The human culture now has an end goal:

“We hope for a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world with clean air, clean water, clean soil and clean power, economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed?.

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