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Re: Being a Military Recruiter Must Suck

"The US military has express policies in place that deny employment to individuals who have disabilities (e.g., wheelchair) or who are non-heterosexual. The US military fails the simple test on two separate points and thus should be denied access to the university."

Do you also think it's wrong that the fire and police departments discriminate in regards to disabilities as well?

Let's put on our thinking cap for a minute. You may not be aware, but for many things, the military employs civilians who are protected under the ADA - on the other hand - anyone who is actually enlisted in the military has to be prepared to fight, and may be called upon to do so... Now, as comical as it would be to see someone with an m60 welded onto their wheelchair, I admit the practicality fails to woo me.

As for gays, I don't have a problem with'm being in the military, but do remember the military is not a business, it inhabits a nether region of sorts, and what applies to other fields may not apply here.

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