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It is so comical to see so many of these protesters still clinging to erroneous claims that the military is some sort of an evil monstor that eats kids and shits them out as caskets. Or the fact that they accuse the military of testing drugs on servicemembers. And the unequal rights being observed in the military. The fact that these people who protest have the nerve to assault recruiters in the way they do is criminal. But first let me state a few facts. Yes I said facts, something that the protesters cannot obtain to support their arguments....ok....

1. The military does administer drugs to its service members. The same ones you can recieve at your local pharmacy. They provide cost free vacines anuualy. And since most service members are expected to endure harsh conditions most of the people protesting could not handle for five minutes, they are given the most up-to-date medical attention and preventive care.

2. As far as women are concerned. Well yes it is a shame that laws do not permit women from serving in some of the front line Jobs. However things evolve and policies change. Fact - The military has in its service female, fighter pilots (in combat) Helicopter Pilots (in combat), Military Police (in combat), Medics (in combat) etc....-end fact. In short, the military has women in combat fighting. So for those who say that women are not given equal rights in the military then I say, go to a military unit and stay for a week or so and watch and you will see women everywhere running things, taking charge, trainning for combat, conducting said trainning....but that would be quite the spell breaker wouldnt it? Dear god what if some of you were misled too???

3. Gay rights, well, another evolution. Let me humor some of you on a story i have. This is a personal experience. My friend throughout highshcool Josh (i will with hold his last name for privacy) was an openly gay student and friend during highschool. A couple of years after I joined so did he. He recently completed his term of service. He ful-filled his obligation and exited the military with a bronze star for valor during combat in Afganistan. He served as a combat medic on board a helicopter. He is now using his Gi-Bill to finish up culinary arts school. He has purchased a home at a market low through the VA, and continues to recieve free medical care should he need it. The point is he is gay, he jonined the Army and like most places kept his business his business and is doing fine.

There are so many more myths I could bust, but my final statement is that the military isnt for some people. Some could use it, and some could not. But to stage a demonstration not allowing people to explore those avenues openly is just plain wrong.

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