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Re: Watsonville Brown Berets Continue Message of Radical Activism

At 56 years old now and a former member of the original Brown Berets (and the Young Lords in New York too incidently as I traveled a lot in those days and was involved with a lot of groups referred to as 'latino power coast-to-coast') I would advise all members of the 'new' Brown Berets to try to obtain a copy of David Sanchez's book, "Expedtion Through Aztlan" which tells the whole, founding story of the original group and our 'expedition' march from east LA to Arizona-New Mexico-Colorado-Texas-Utah and back covering the entire canvas of Aztlan. Whatever one thinks of David now and whatever he became-at that time he was our leader and Prime Minister, truer to the cause than any man I knew. His book, "Expedition through Aztlan" is testament to that, complete with pictures as well as the full and detailed 16 point program of the Brown Beret National Organization referred to as the "Brown Beret National Policies" or Platform. This book was published in 1978 by Perspectiva Publications which was, at the time of publication, located in La Puente California.

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