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After reading the comments above by "anonymous" it might be real easy for some people, especially younger people, to get upset, angry, frustrated. To scratch their heads and ask themselves "where do people like this come from...what are they even doing accessing a site like this if they feel that can their thinking be so muddled...what we're doing is as clear as a bell...why can't they see it like I do?" Pero mi hermanos y hermanas you mustn't let these things annoy you or sway you or deter you from your goals. Such thinking has existed in every latino generation and will continue to do so until the end of time. In the sixties we refered to it as 'reactionary' and called these people 'tio tacos'. Often they would (and will) argue against you more vehemently than the dominate society does and will stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are your strongest adversaries and critics. And as strange as it may seem you need people like that, even the ones from your own raza. It helps to motivate and galvanize you. I learned myself as far back as 1969 to energize myself and push full speed ahead when I ran into this kind of thinking because it's people like that who need your help and guidance the most. What a dull world this would be anyhow if we all thought and felt the same and saw things in the same way!

When my father was beaten with a steel chain in the Zoot Suit riots of the 1940's-beaten by a policeman and an american navy officer with a little american flag stitched on his sleeve-he never forget that. And neither I nor anyone who looked at him could ever forget it either because his face was scarred from the attack and the marks remained with him all of his life. It was one of the motivating factors for me joining the Berets- to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening to anyone else. And now I bear my own scars, internal and external, from doing just that so that people like anonymous are allowed into a voting booth or can get served in a restaurant and doesn't get turned away by a sign that says, "No dogs or Mexicans allowed." Anonymous says that they love america and that she's an american first and a latino second. Good! I'm glad to hear it. I only hope america feels the same way about you and will have the decency to call you a 'greaser' after your back is turned and not to your face. It can hurt and shatter a lot of illusions. Trust me. I've felt the sting of that word myself, face to face and know.
Anonymous goes on to say two other interesting things. That their family was 'involved' with the United Farm Workers union. Anonymous doesn't say I was involved but the family was. That speaks volumns right there. And in any case being 'involved' is a far cry from being a committed activist and revolutionary fighter! One can be 'involved' with the republican party by just saying they voted for George Bush! So frickin' what!

And finally, anonymous goes on to say that they want their daughters to be accepted on their merit and not because they're latinas. Bravo. I hope that happens and if it does it's because of what groups like the Brown Berets, groups you seem to detest, did years ago and are doing today-things we fought and died for-that your daughters now have that opportunity today. You know Clarence Thomas, the black supreme court justice, fights tooth and nail at every opportunity, against affirmative action, very convenieintly forgetting that he himself got to where he is because of AA. Apparently it's alright for him to make use of it but he's damned if he's going to let anyone else use it. Maybe for the dauhghter's of anonymous there's a lesson to be learned in that.

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