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Re: Watsonville Brown Berets Continue Message of Radical Activism

This is my last comment. Funny how you liberals claim First Amendment Rights when you want to state your opinions but when conservatives "Latino Conservatives" especially we are "trolling", invading your space etc. What happened to your ideas of "tolerance"? You are all welcome to state your comments on any conservative room, board etc. I always listen to "liberal" hosts. That is the only way to learn. Don't teach the Latino youth to close their minds and only hear the liberal side (although that is only what colleges teach).

And yes I was involved in the UFW - my brother a higher up in the cause. Yes I saw the good that Cesar did but I also have seen the great harm liberal causes like yours do.

Read: An Unlikely Conservative, How I Became the Most Hated Hispanic in America by Linda Chavez

Liberals talk about being open minded - then open your minds - read the other side, educate yourselves!

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