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Re: Liberate Cannabis (part 1/3)

I have seen nor heard enough talk of how cannabis is an edible medicine. It seems to me that much of the rhetoric prohibiting marijuana criticizes the concept of smoking it. As well, how about the dietary benefits of all hemp (ie. nutrients and essential quantities of omega-fatty acids are provided by injesting marijuana plants)? Basicly, it seems to me that the whole concept of incinerating the herb, then inhaling the smoky poisons, is a key issue toward liberating marijuana. By emphasizing its edibility, there may be less for the public to speculate upon, making way for more real physiological data concerning the wide ranging benefits of the cannabis diet. I believe, some delightful results are predictable.
"Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!," I say.
"Show everyone how to eat cannabis and have many happy years."

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