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Re: Watsonville Brown Berets Continue Message of Radical Activism

i don't really want to start attacking anyone here because i don't believe it will be productive. so annonymous- a thought or few. I'm very confused about where you get this emphatic obsession with victimization. if you read as much history as you do conservative propoganda you might learn a little bit about the legacy of white supremacy (and the relevant cultural and spiritual assimilation of too many people trying to achieve the "american dream" thats built off of), colonial massacres of million of indigenas throughout the world, capitalistic predation on developing economies and societies, illegal and leagalized slavery (modern day prisons, sweatshops, and farm labor that may provide you and many others with your everyday cafe, nikes, clothes, cleaning supplies, food, etc), and the history of your beloved ameriKKKa from the perspectives of anyone other than rich, white conservatives.

if you read the brothers words you would see he told his story and spoke to the companeros who might be disgusted, frustrated, or infuriated with your comments. What he said was the complete opposite of what you read as victimization- SELF-DETERMINATION! the power to take the strugges of life and used every challenge to empower, humble, and strengthen us.
What he did was rise above you with his words, speaking from his heart to the hearts of others that believe in fighting for our lives, for justice, for cultural, human, and indigenous rights and expression, fight for our children and our children's children and the betterment of our communities. Maybe in your community you are removed somehow from death, violence, poverty, racism, greed, corporate take over, lack of community automy, and the erosion or lack of quality communal life. Maybe you see your own people (or anyone fighting for justice in america or against america) as victims because you don't actually see or know most of them- you don't actually see beyond FOX or MSN into the barrios, ghettos, prisons, YOUTH prisons, women shelters, homeless shelters, food banks, unemployment offices, miserable schools, nor in the fields.

the brown berets are not and have never been here as victims. in fact, we are here as completely the opposite: SELF-DETERMINED, EDUCATED, PASSIONATE GENTE who believe in education ourselves and creating something WITH and FOR THE PEOPLE. One of the keys to the lucha is to create. To create community. Create schools. SPark and Ignite- create a fire in the minds and souls of the people that inspire them to vitalize and empower their community. to not be followers of the oppressive American Dream Buill by Blood on Oppression to something differt....something you and your daughter might be highly inspired by if you did actually come and sit and listen for a minute...without your ready to criticize in the name of an open mind mentality. we are here create unity and justice, especially for our youth- to unite all those that are oppressed (which frankly includes you too. what you see as all your intelligence and appreciation for the US- i see as internalized oppression- a very deep swallowing of american text books, media propoganda, and assimilation- no offense). i fully honor your difference of opinion as a person, but as someone who has never come aroudn the Watsonville Brown Berets i have to discredit your completely un-experienced and therefor invalid and ignorant assessment of who we are and why and what we do. come meet us and try working with us before you continue talking about your own judgements about yourself. don't have time to re-read this so i hope it made sense. sorry if it didnt. in solidarity with all the companeros y companeras out there fighting for equal rights, justice, and community empowerment. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! LA LUCHA SIGUE HASTA LA VICTORIA!

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