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Re: Watsonville Brown Berets Continue Message of Radical Activism

First of all, I want to thank Mr. Mace T for his kind words. It would be great to see you sometime in one of our meetings.

Second of all, we have to remember that there are many people who think like anonymous. Whose, it seems, mission in life is to adhere to wealthy white americans and is so concerned with the "what will they think?" mentality. This way of thinking comes from a colonialized mentality: that we have to serve and always worry about the upper-class white society. We are determined not for them, but for ourselves. To steer our youth in the right direction, to fight for the rights of our gente in the fields, to represent the voiceless in our barrios and our schools.

I feel that our sista (reSista) has broke it down pretty well, and I don't want to repeat anything she has already elaborated on.

My first impression of your comments are also that they are uneducated. Skewed by conservative mumbo-jumbo and that you know nothing of the Brown Berets to be talking about us. I invite you to one of our meetings every Thursday @ 7pm in Watsonville. We would love to hear your point of view and entangle in a healthy conversation.

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