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Re: Strong Medicine: Toxic Capitalism and the Socialist Cure

Socialism has failed worldwide and continues to fail. Look at the poorest conuntries of the world. They are socialist, or a variant of it.

The WTO and World Bank aren't tools of free enterprise -- they are government, i.e. socialism.

Racism and sexism have existed worldwide since the beginning of time and because it hasn't been completely eradicted in America that means capitalism is bad? The most racist countries in the world are socialist, the least, capitalist. If I want the wares you're selling, I do not care who you are. If the government is distributing goodies (affirmative action, for example) then everyone different from me becomes an obstacle to my success.

We need more free enterprise, not less of it. Where free enterprise flourishes, so do human rights, enterpreneurship for all, including women and so-called 'people of color.'

People vote with their feet. People are literally dying to get out of Cuba, Mexico and other socialist paradises. They are dying to get into America. They are running from socialism to free enterprise (so-called 'captialism).

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