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Re: Strong Medicine: Toxic Capitalism and the Socialist Cure

People would not be so quick to run anway from socialist countries if it weren't for the economic warfare being waged against them by the likes of the US. The cold war wasn't just about proping up petty dictators that were friendly to the US. It was also an economic campaign. If there really were a free market economy or at least a system where each country could set up its own trade rules to suit itself intead of suiting multinational corporations, would socialism fail amidst that as quickly as it does in the capitalist subsidized economy? Also, take a look at Venezuela before deciding that socialist tendencies will always lead to economic ruin for the majority of the population.

I also should point out that the ideal of working only 2 years before persuing other interests may not be realistic. Our high standard of technology is built upon the work of people with 10 or more years of experience in their respective fields. The brain drain that would result from a laid back economy could bankrupt the knowledge base over time, to the point where we might be able to continue to manufacture the same stuff over and over but innovation would come to a complete standstill.

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