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Re: 43 Dems Voted For Pat Act - Did You Elect These SOBs

The US is a one party patriarchal oligarchy. The republicrats (republicans and democrats) are just two factions of the business party.

When the republican boot on our necks creates too much backlash, a democrat is allowed to be elected to relieve a little pressure on our necks and to continue the illusion that there are two parties and that we voters have a choice.

All our "choices" have been made for us. We can "choose" a republican poke in the eye with a sharp stick —or a democrat poke in the eye with a dull stick.

Aint it great to have a "choice?"

The so called "separation of church and state" is another myth. They never were separtate. The US has always been a "fun dumb mentalist christian" nation where non whites, poor whites and women were forbidden to vote.

Today, the government's (US theocracy's) efforts to restrict abortion and birth control is a religious issue, since fundamentalst religion also forbids women's reproductive choice and states that god gave men permission to control women.

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