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Re: Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico || Solidaridad con el EZLN en Coyoacan México

reply to Chicano831:

i doubt you really care about the ezln or the red star.... if you cared, the least you could have done is a little search on the internet. i can not say why the star is red, but i can assure you the ezln is not based on communism.

Zapatista Solidarity - Mexico, DF - Centro de Medios Libre

Remarks of the General Command of the EZLN in the opening ceremony of the First Intercontinental Meeting For Humanity and Against Neoliberalism

Mexico - Indigenous and Guerrilla warfare movements{.html

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response to SantaH Cruz:

You are welcome for the reportback. Adriana and I are happy to publish on Indymedia. Thank you taking the time to read, view photos and post a comment.

It was a wonderful gathering!

Mexico is oppressive is lots of ways, no doubt. However, unlike Santa Cruz, California, there do not seem to be any laws in Mexico City against having a blanket to keep warm after dark while outside. There do not seem to be laws in Mexico City against sleeping outside after dark. And, so far every place i have been in Mexico seems to have a public gathering space, yes a plaza, again, unlike Santa Cruz, California. The face of oppression in Santa Cruz will smile at people gleefully spending money, while trying to hide poverty from tourists. There is a lot of poverty in Mexico (and a lot of billionaires) and it is very sad. The poverty really takes its toll on all people, or so it seems. Everywhere you go in Mexico City, there seem to be people trying to sell something. The list of places and items being sold would be quite long to type... It seems that in most metros in Mexico City, there is someone trying to sell candy, pens, yarn, pirated cds, etc.. etc.. etc.. Yes, this makes me sad. I´m going off on a bit of a tangent here, i think.. and i need to get going... anyways, my point was that there is oppression in Mexico and in Santa Cruz.

Here is a reportback from Oaxaca.

Governor Ulises Ruiz; 6 months of harvesting terror in Oaxaca
by atx indymedia action news team.

back to resonding to the comment.

"Did the cops show up, did they have to have a lot of permits and did they get a ticket for painting on the sidewalks, like what happens in Santa Cruz?!"

To my knowledge, the cops did not show up. At one point, I was touching up the star with a mop (used as a large brush) and paint after it had been stepped on while still drying. After putting down the mop and walking back towards the star, two men called out to me, "Joven" (which is like saying kid, or young kid) and asked me (in spanish) if i had painted this red star. I simply replied, "No, pero es chido, no." Which means, ´No, I did not paint the star, but it is cool, right.´ Then I walked away and asked a women about the men who questioned me. She told me that the men were, in some way, in charge of managing the plaza. She also told me not to worry because Coyoacan is rebel territory. Coyoacan is also a slighty wealthier part of Mexico City.

The authorities were not so causel with last month´s action in the Zocalo. check out that story here:

here is a link to another reportback, by the way:

Policías Auxiliares en Huelga de Hambre en D.F. || Police on Hunger Strike in Mexico City

thanks Santa Cruz Indymedia.

¡Viva la Resistencia!

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