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Che Guevara inspired and created a legacy that reverberates throughout every barrio, ghetto and so called third world country that has been effected and exploited by first world (esp. American) imperialism. If you bothered to read about the life and work of Che, you will discover that this person sacrificed his life for the amelioration of all oppressed people. Che lived by discipline and by example and defied Russian style communism. This is why the people of Cuba still sing songs about this legend. This is why protesters all around the world carry his image on flags and banners. If you allowed yourself to understand even the basic concepts of the word Chicano/a you will discover that Chicanismo is a political ideology based on people like Che, Marti, Sandino, Zapata, Sub Comandante Ramona. I would encourage you to discover your history, balance the information you get from mainstream media or guzano websites. Like my comandante said, "Hasta La Victoria siempre!" Que viva Che!

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