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posting signs on freeway over passes

Great work! Keep it up! Here's some tricks to help keep the police and caltrans from tearing your signs down (after lengthy legal battles).
1. Show your signs during Friday pm Rush hour traffic Jam. That way caltrans can't kick you off because you are not causing's already stalled.
2. Have humans hold the signs instead of attaching them to the fence. If you're tired, build a fram that reaches up from the ground and holds the sign up at the right height. That way you're not attached the the fence, you're just on the county side walk. As long as you hold the sign away from the fence and don't block pedestrian traffic on the should be OK.

3. These are the arguments that that the capitola Seargeant gave us for why he wasn't shutting down the "Yes on Prop J" supporters who had signs over the Fwy before the election. (Of course his boss, police chief of Copitola was in support of the measure passing!)

good luck, email me at art and revolution if you need more specifics

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