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Re: Cry From New Orleans: "People are Dying in the Streets!"

This has hit home in a personal way. A dear friend, a former Santa Cruz resident and native of New Orleans, has probably lost her 86-year-old mother in all this. Her mom, who was has been incapacitated in a nursing home for the last year, was taken to the Super Dome with her nurses on Sunday. How can an elderly person who is partially paralyzed and in diapers survive in 90 degree heat with no sanitation, food or water in the Super Dome? She was one of many elderly and sick people who were supposed to be rescued by helicopter, but helicopter rescues were called off because one was shot at. Another part of the family, including a woman in her 80's, spent 4 days on their roof before they were rescued. I hope this brings Bush down. It's directly the fault of the federal government, and as usual our idiot resident is off getting photo opps for himself. New Orleans, one of the few places in Amerika with any culture whatsoever, is gone folks.

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