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Re: An Encuentro Against All Borders - Building a Radical No Border

Has it ocurred to anyone that a border makes it possible for good guys to offer sanctuary, as much as for bad guys to cause trouble? Why don't we also say, "No rooms! Don't wall out your brothers! Everyone live together with everyone else in our great shelters!"?? How is that working at the Superdome? Do you understand that the impulse to personal rooms and national borders is no more than the impulse to say, "I/we make the rules here, not you"? In fighting borders, are you fighting human nature? Or, given how hard it is to change human nature, will this "movement" ultimately settle for different borders that better suit the needs of its participants? Before spending too much time and energy, can you pause to ask yourself the tough questions of what you really want, why you want it, what good the change could do and what harm it might do also? If there were an easier, more reliable, or less painful way to get what you want, would a "no borders" movement be necessary? Will you consider the alternatives?

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