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Please Please read the links, absorb, think, and THEN write

I do not think that no borders means that there is one world government. I also do not think that one world government will happen. I do think No Border Encuentro wants to make it so that moving and changing citizenship is easy and painless. I really doubt that anyone at no borders is advocating a whole world police state. No borders advocates border reform.

Inquiringmind read "no borders" and then stopped. Then began thinking "oh man. No borders would really suck." Instead inquiringmind should have clicked the links provided to see that they oppose the minutemen operation and vigilantism at the US Mexico border. Unfortunately this is a thinking person's issue and requires more than bumper sticker time.

Comparing a world without borders to people living in the superdome is a painfully terrible analogy.

I think the organizers have set out goals to accomplish. One of the main ones that I support is the disbandment of the minutemen. Perhaps inquiringmind really likes vigilante justice, but most people do not.

Please read the links before posting. Events such as:
to disband the minutemen do not constitute one world government, One room communities, or one room shelters.

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