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Preserving the bus system & comment on the health benefits

A quote from the story at the beginning of this thread:

"The drivers have tried to preserve the public transit system in this county but the Board is making this impossible."

Preserving the public transit systmem in this county is not "impossible." It can be easily preserved by just showing up for work to collect what is one of the highest busdriver compensation packages in the country.

It's a statement like that that casts a dark shadow on the credibility of UTU, especfially when the proletariat was left standing on the curbside with essentially no warning.


As far as the expensiveness of heath care:

It's not that expensive. If it is $500 a month for family coverage, then it's about $2.50/hour in wages for a fulltime driver.

A full-time driver making $50k a year is making about $25 an hour, assuming the $50k is straight time (not overtime).

So, a $500/month health care bill for a $25/hr driver is about 10% of wages. ($25 divided by $2.50 = 10%.)

Ten percent of one's wages to pay for health insurance for ones family doesn't sound like an out-of-line expense to me.

I have used round numbers, but the gist of what I am saying is valid.

furthermore, a $500/month health care bill can be greatly reduced by working simply one overtime shift a month. That's all it takes.

Going on strike, on the other hand, causes the bus driver's money to hemorrhage. the amount of money lost during a strike could pay for months and months - perhaps years - of health care bills.

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