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Re: AUDIO: World Farm Animals Day at KFC in Santa Cruz

For information about the cruel poultry industry and how to end the suffering of chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and other domestic fowl, visit the website of United Poultry Concerns.

Unfortunately "organic" or "free range" chickens often lead miserable lives crammed into dark sheds with only a square foot of space eack. There are no humane standards for "free range" raised chickens.

Free range or not, all are horribly slaughtered. Many chickens are still alive when dragged through boiling water to remove their feather. Women and people of color do most of the low- paid dirty work in slaughterhouse deliberately built in poor areas where people are desperate for any kind of job. Immigrants are pitted against citizens to lower wages.

Baby chicks cruelly "processed" in Live Oak

Each week, thousands of fertile eggs are delivered in huge semi trucks to CAL CRUZ HATCHERY ON 1010 JOSE STREET AT THE CORNER OF JOSE AND RODRIGUEZ IN LIVE OAK NEAR THE SPCA.

Here, the chicken's lives of hell begins. Deformed and male chicks are thrown into garbage bags to suffocate and the survivors are trucked off to lives of misery in cages.

Call the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors and ask them to shut down this unsanitary smelling bird concentration camp which operates in a residential area. On a hot day, you can smell the stink of rotting dead baby chicks. What a horror.

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