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Re: Students, Workers and Community Unite to Support Bus Drivers

Pounding on doors and having a big crowd doesn't mean you're right.

Bus drivers want more than they're worth. Bus drivers: If you really want the big bucks, you're going to have to start your own business, or possess an unusual talent in a high-paid area, coupled with years of schooling.

But trying to get past a certain income level driving a bus -- it just ain't gonna fly. Even though you have a monopoly and a union, once you get past a certain income and perks level, It gets harder and harder to make advancements solidarity or not, monopoly or no, union or no. That's because the public can sense that good bus drivers or candidates are a dime a dozen and in no way possess an ability rare enough to command the top dollar. And they ain't gonna pony over the dough.

The UTU just doesn't seem to understand that they really don't have anything all that valuable to sell. They only have survived as long as they have because they represent a county-protected monopoly. If they was open rehiring, they'd be laughed out of town. I can't imagine they don't realize this.

The UTU's protective walls may well come crashing in sooner than they think. The public is seeing through all of this. The average person on the street can sense that a bus driver isn't worth huge money, and furthermore resents like hell not getting a ride to his or her job that pays a fraction of what the drivers get.

C'mon, gals and guys, take off the tiaras, and put down the Grey Poupon and get real. Admit this is one battle that was unwise to start.

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