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victoria's secret prison labor

Look for that Prison Label

"Companies such as Boeing, Victoria's Secret, and Eddie Bauer have subcontracted with companies using low-cost prison labor to manufacture everything from aircraft components to lingerie and software packages. TWA contracts with the California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency to use prisoners to make airline reservations."


Slavery is Legal in the U.S., did you know that?

"J.C. Penney, Victoria's Secret, IBM, Toys R Us and TWA are among the US corporations that have profited by employing prisoners. Put together long mandatory sentences for minor drug offences, a strong racial bias, prisons run by corporations for profit, the sale of convict labor to corporations, and a charge for prison room and board and you have a modern system of bonded labor - a social condition otherwise known as slavery."
- [from Take It Personally: How to Make Conscious Choices to Change the World edited by Anita Roddick, p.75]


Uncle Tom's Cell: Prison labor gives a market face to an old idea -- slavery

"Corporations ranging from J.C. Penny and Victoria's Secret to IBM and Toys R Us utilize prison labor to cut costs and increase profit margins. In fact, the next time you call TWA to make airline reservations, you may be speaking to one of 300 youth offenders working as receptionists in a Los Angeles prison."


Youth Oppose Prison Labor - demonstration at a Victoria's Secret store charges that prison labor is used in products manufacture, a charge denied by the company

"On June 3, members of Youth Cru, a coalition of student activist groups, held a protest outside a Victoria's Secret store. The group alleges that subcontractors use prison labor to make some lingerie for the company."

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