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Victoria's Secret Invented Women's Orgasms!

"Vicky's has built an empire on women's sexual self expression as defined by women and not men! Finalyl putting the power back where it belongs after centuries of women's sexuality being dictated and strangled by men."

Nice rhetoric from a corporate stumper. I don't know about the rest of yall but Victoria's Secret has nothing to do with my sexual self-expression. In fact, the idea of it actually being a liberating force is laughable to me.

It sounds like V.S. would have you believe that women were confined to wearing nun habits before they came along. The fact is, before they came along there was a whole lot more sexual experiemenation going on. How many nude hot tub parties, parnter swaps or good ol' fashioned salad oil orgys do you get invited to nowadays? ;-) Not that these things represent the height of person sexual self-expression, but they certainly do require a level of inhibition that you don't find that much today in a culture that demands that women have to look air-brushed perfect in order to be sexually attractive. (Who keeps sending these messages in our culture?)

The statements the writer makes are also annoying because the writer tries to equate the trappings of sex with the actual sex act itself. Lingerie is only a small part of the the environment that sex occurs in: it (lingerie, toys, etc.) is not the thing. Rather, sex is a relationship between (usually) two people that has the power to suspend time and place and, for a few moments, to give people the feeling of being one with the world.

I think peripherals such as lingerie can be a lot of fun, but they are only an enhancement. Why would people want to channel all their sexual expression through mass-produced, mass-marketed clothing -- apparently manufactured by prison labor -- that other women wear around the world? So much for feeling unique.

It seems to me that the vehicles for sexual self-expression are endless -- Victoria's Secret didn't invent them! Now that I know that Victoria's Secret mails out over 395 million (brainwashing?) catalogs a year, over 90% of which come from virgin timber, mostly from Canada' Boreal Forest, I have a difficult time feeling the "sexiness" of it. To me, it is more of a turn off.

"..putting the power back where it belongs after centuries of women's sexuality being dictated and strangled by men."

That is a totally ignorant statement. Women have been celebrating their sexuality since time began and nearly every folk culture around the world has examples of this. Google "sheela-na-gig" for a vivid example.

I read a bumper sticker once that said, "Sex is like pizza. When it is great, it's fantastic and when it's bad it is still pretty good." How true. It's been going on for an awful long time and it will continue long after Victoria's Secret is gone.

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