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Life on Earth Is Becoming an Insane Joke!

I just returned from the Peace Camp at the Nevada Test Site (see article:, where my group East Bay Food Not Bombs cooked for the last leg of the 800 mile Family Spirit Walk for Mother Earth, and cooked at the Peace Camp at the NTS as well. This follows thirty years of my being on the front lines for peace&justice/radical environmentalism. I am back in Berzerkeley once again, sleeping outside in a tent at Act(i)on House, with no money. At 53, I don't have any more energy to ask adult America why the fuck I'm not getting anything more than circumstances which are appropriate to a raccoon. Secondly, I read a newspaper for the first time in a week and a half, and it's all about the crazy sniper in Washington D.C., George Bush's irrational desire to kill Iraq for oil and Israel, plus the ongoing human failure to live sanely wordlwide. The only thing that wasn't nuts was the world series and the weather. Then, I checked the IMC's locally, and BEHOLD!!!Germans Buying Up Felton's Water...hey, pay or live without adequate water...welcome to the postmodern materialist world,, your allies in Germany.

Here's my point: I don't want to live in dumb circumstances in Berkeley. I want a sane intelligent place to live for myself, with other adults who actually have a spiritual consciousness. I don't even know if this is possible in the United States. I have maintained a daily sitting practice for thirty years. I want a simple, comfortable, peaceful place to live. Is that clear? Offer me that, and I'll move to the Santa Cruz area. We'll straighten out the selfish deranged human criminal elements together, (who would no doubt have a total problem with a message such as this one). Destroy globalization! I'm waiting to hear from you, Craig Stehr/cstehr (at), or leave a telephone message at 510-486-8141.

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