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Bodies not found in nature?

In this college town, anyone can go down to Pacific Avenue in the spring and observe a great many young women who could pass for Vicky's models. "Not found in nature"? You need to get out more.

Vicky's models are not disproportionate barbie dolls. You think that just because Playboy and Frederick's - WHICH CATER TO MEN - promote the disproportionate plastic image of unnatural feminine beauty, that Vicky's is no different? Go into a Vicky's store sometime. It's by women, for women. Only women shop there (except right before Christmas, when there's a line of men buying gift certificates.) This is why Vicky's models are realistically proportioned and naturally beautiful, unlike the plastic-injected barbie dolls you'd see ELSEWHERE.
It sounds like you have issues with female sexuality in general, probably stemming from your own. Please stop projecting and deal.

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