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Anatomy for Dummies 101

I'm sorry but I really needed to respond to this. You say that there are plenty of potential Victoria's Secret models you see in downtown Santa Cruz. How would you know this? Were they not wearing any clothes?

The problem with the bodies of the most of the Victoria's Secret models is that they have six pack abs and big brests. These two qualities are not natural together. Guess what breasts are primarily made of besides mammary glands? Fat. Fat on women is predominantly distributed throughout the hips, buttocks, below the navel, breasts and in the upper arms. It is next to impossible for women to have (natural) big breasts and nearly no fat on the rest of her body. Nature likes balance. Research proves this -- you can do all the ab crunches you want and build muscle, but you can't take off fat from isolated parts of your body.

Breast size also corresponds to bone size. Small framed people usually have small breasts and big boned people usually have larger breasts. If you look at most of the Victoria's Secret models, a lot of them have thin pencil necks with big boobs. This is not natural. Believe me, I would know since I worked fitting clothes for people for several years.

Based on your comments I would guess that you are a man who has little knowledge of or experience with natural women.

From everything that I've seen, I would guess that most or all of these models for Victoria's Secret have had surgical breast mutilations. Since they are sending out over a million catalogs a day, they are sending a lot of messages to us, telling us that women need to be extremely thin and have large, unnatural breast mutilations in order to be sexy.

I don't want to give my business to a company who tells me that I need to go on a diet or be mutilated and is destroying our forests.

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