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Nuclear is Bad Quality and Bad Design

To use the reality of anthropogenic global warming as an argument to pursue nuclear energy is one of the great farces of modern linear, short-term thinking. Nuclear waste will force thousands of generations to maintain constant vigilance while living in fear of leakage or spillage.

From a quality perspective this is bad quality because you not making healthy and safe products you are making something inherently highly toxic this is irreversible and irresponsible.

From a business perspective why would you make something no one would buy? Businesses should make things that either go safely back to industry forever or safely back to the natural world forever not unmarketable products. Also the idea of a free market is an illusion if massive subsidies remain tragically in place. We are not against the idea of using an economic argument as a primary one for action.

From a design perspective do you really intend to generate toxic nuclear waste? If we understand the inherent flaws of our designs then we can not say that we did not intend for them to happen. At this point in history it looks like the making of poison is intentional.

For the engineers, business people, politicians going to work everyday and making these decisions does nuclear energy love all of the children of all species for all time? Nuclear is bad quality and just bad design. The absurdity and idiocy is that this is not a trade off that we need to make!

Our future is to connect our system to the abundance of natural energy flows and celebrate our astonishingly brilliant friend every glorious morning.

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