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Re: Vandals Try To Destroy Santa Cruz Coastal Rail Trail

I dislike saying this as I love to bike (albeit mountain bike) myself; however, legally the right of way is in private ownership until such time the right-of-way is sold and ownership is formally transfered. As legal owner of the property, UP may exercise their rights as property owner to maintain their right-of-way and has the right to keep tresspassers away. In other words, would you like it if someone were to tresspass in your home or build a bike path through your front yard?

This situation reminds me of the rail-trail in Portland, Oregon. However, one should be aware that this trail was well thought out, publicly supported and funded, properly engineered, fenced and had railroad support.

I really don't like saying this, but in light of some comments posted that "human encroachment" onto live railroad right of way is in no way shape or form UP's fault. A trail was illegally placed on a private right-of-way, and people walking tracks are tresspassing. This reminds me of a famious line, "Didn't your mother ever tell you NOT to play on the train tracks?"

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