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Re: A Cabal of Criminality

To understand the towering depravity of the few hundred and how they manage to rule and control billions, read
"The Psychopathic Tendency In World Politics by
By Jerry Russell and Richard Stanley

The authors even suspect that psychopaths are a sub specie of human born without the ability of empathy and compassion for others- a genetic personality disorder.

If it can be passed from generation to generation, it may explain the monstrous greeed and cruelty of the kings and ruling families who only marry other "royals" (Egyptian kings, Chinese and Japanese emperors, Kings and queens of Europe, and their modern spawn the world's corporate billionaire families.

Below is an excerpt from their article.

Also, consider the possibility that human psychopaths were and are the source of all the myths about evil demons, aliens, reptilians, shape shifters etc since the common thread of these myths is that they look like us and walk among us.

Excerpt from article:

For many years, psychologists have studied the frightening reality of psychopathic or sociopathic personalities -- the serial killers,
the child abusers, the pathologically consistent liars and incorrigible thieves. The scientific study of these individuals was
systemically organized by Hervey Cleckley and his 1941 classic "The Mask of Sanity", and today the specialist Robert Hare is one
of the foremost authorities in the field.

According to Hare, the key emotional and interpersonal traits defining the psychopathic personality syndrome are: a smooth, glib capability to lie, manipulate and dissemble; a completely callous lack of empathy or concern for others; shallow emotional affect and lack of remorse; and egocentric grandiosity.

While most psychological studies of psychopathy have been based on prison populations, there's an emerging (and controversial)
recognition that many individuals with this cluster of personality characteristics, are not in prison.

***The traits of these individuals are so distinctive that they may even represent a distinct taxon, a true sub-species of mankind -- consisting of otherwise normal human beings who are completely lacking in normal human responses to social interactions with others.

In his book, "Without Conscience", Hare writes: "To give you some idea of the enormity of the problem that faces us, consider that there are at least 2 million psychopaths in North America; the citizens of New York City have as many as 100,000 psychopaths among them. And these are conservative estimates. Far from being an esoteric, isolated problem that affects only a few people, psychopathy touches virtually every one of us.

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