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Re: Pentagon spying at UCSC: Standards for our Country, Standards for Ourselves

It's so frusterating to have ONLY Jondi Gumz to report campus related stories. Last I checked, the campus community is more than a fifth of Santa Cruz's population and the primary economic actor (during non-summer months), but receives only one reporter.

If she does bad reporting, as is quite common, we have no one else to turn to.

The April 6th article that she wrote (right after the counter-recruitment action last spring) didn't even quote a single person in favor of the action. We had to go around her and get an Op-Ed from the Editor in order to get our views presented.

In this instance, the Sentinel only published a story (which I'm appreciative of, of course) 3 days after SAW's press release was sent out - and only after all the major local news stations had extensive reports and interviews.

This article wasn't too bad, luckily, but the Sentinel needs to be more accountable to the community.

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