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They Are Committing Mass Murder For Capitalist Profit

Hold onto your moral indignation and righteous anger!

The people's politics are polarized between the solutions that can only come from the people, and the problems that come from those with all of the power and all of the wealth.

In our struggles for justice the polarization is already there. To deny it is to deny reality. To gloss over it in politics for an illusion of an attempt harmony creates confusion amongst the people, especially when it comes to dealing with the pro-war, racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-worker Democrat Party.

Of course that party demands you not to ask and not to tell their real policies.

Without exposing the extremes between the lies the politicians tell us and the reality of what they are really doing there will never be any solutions. From unions to the human rights struggles and anti-war movements, significant political gains for the people have only come through massive social struggle against this system.

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