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Support for Political Prisoners

Support for Political Prisoners

There are many sites that provide useful information about political prisoners needing support. Incarceration for espousing one's beliefs has been happening in this country and around the globe throughout history. Some ways folks on the outside can be supporting prisoners is by writing them letters that don't jeopardize cases/appeals, that don't use nicknames, by sending them reading material, joining/starting a Books To Prisoners or other prisoner support group, and networking with existing support groups.

If you were the one who was locked up, it would mean a lot to know that others were out here for you. If we aren't in this together then we are in this alone.

Political Prisoner Resources: Earth Liberation Prisoners,,,,, The Jericho Movement, Books To Prisoners Projects/Prison Legal News

Eco-defense Prisoner Support:, Portland IMC Prisons Page, North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network

Prison and Prisoner related features from IMCs in the US: Prisons & Prisoners page on

No one is free when others are oppressed...

A movement that doesn't support it's political internees is a movement destined to fail.

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