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Proposition 73 how does this affect girls under the age of 18??

I am a young, 20-year-old woman living in downtown Sacramento, CA. Throughout my life I was raised to be pushed towards a certain way of thinking by my parents. I was tought certain things like respect, morality, honesty, etc. One thing has remained resoundingly true to me, we must respect ourselves and others around us. Promoting safe sex is one thing, and obviousally teens have raging hormones, but many young women do not respect themselves. The strongest women that I know of got that way from learning early on in life that they must respect theselves. Sex is so casual to many young adults. i asked my nine year-old sister what she thought sex was, and she said "That's when a mommy and daddy get naked, and kiss a lot." On the other hand, my thirteen year old neice told me in privacy that she can't wait to have sex with her thirteen year old boyfriend, if they could only get the time alone. Now, I understand that there are "special circumstances", such as medical issues, a severe trama upon the conception, medical threats, where abortion may be the only option. Simply, if we as women feel so strongly for our rights, feelings, and lives why are we promoting something that will give young women a option not to take responsibility for there actions???? If we want the women of the future to be strong they must first learn to respect themselves.

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