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Re: Photos: "Just Us" Action Against SCPD Spying

Two former mayors, numerous activists, and a broad swath of the community came out to express their outrage and disappointment to the City Council during Oral Communications.

Currently information from the police department is locked down while they perform their own whitewash, I mean, internal investigation. After that, the police chief will report to the city council. In all likelihood, they will solemnly accept it as truth and issue some sage words to the police department to be more careful not to embarrass the city.

Though to the council's credit, one of the council members spoke up to say that the internal investigation was only the first stage to find out what the police know, and it did not rule out further action by the council later.

I assume they will be precisely as responsive to this as we insist they be and no more. So clearly we have a job to do to insist to the city council that as the people's representatives responsible for the city police that they put a stop to this.

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