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Re: Photos: "Just Us" Action Against SCPD Spying

While there's nothing wrong with rallying or petitioning for change in government policies, I don't see such actions as truly changing people's lives. Sure, the City Council *might* investigate the presence of undercover cops at the Last Night meetings, and then *might* mumble something about how it "maybe wasn't the most prudent course of action" or some other BS like that. What does that really accomplish? The police will continue to harass, profile, and spy on the populace. I wasn't at all surprised or outraged when I heard that the SCPD had been spying on Last Night. If I weren't such an anti-authoritarian, I'd applaud them for doing their job.

All you self-described "radicals": shouldn't you be going to the "root of the problem," as that's what makes a radical? Rather than denouncing two individuals, shouldn't you try some more direct action? Again, rallies can be fun and great, but they won't create radical change. The root of this problem goes way deeper than the SCPD, way deeper than the City's fascistic policies, all the way down to the fundamentals of civilization (which is far deeper than most care to look). The sanctioned violence and subterfuge that the police employ in defense of the status quo is indeed a serious problem for "the people" and everyone else as well. But as I'm something of a hypocrite, I don't really know how to go about eliminating civilization, city councils, or police departments. A rally is a good start, but I'd like to see some MOMENTUM!

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