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Re: Photos: "Just Us" Action Against SCPD Spying

How about a collective to get the "law" to address something of real importance: Santa Cruz's best-kept secrets of:

* its drug-rape epidemic (SC is the #2 diversion drug trafficking region: source DOJ. SC has this country's worst drug-rape epidemic: source WCS Sexual Assault Division, Project GHB, SF FBI)

* and its lengthy and extensive criminal corruption within the courts, DAO and PD?

You have the country's worst drug-rape epidemic where criminals are poisoning your daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers to rape them--some wind up dying, if not from the drug-poison from the trauma of a very, very corrupt system: e.g. "you got young girls hurling themselves off cliffs after this happens" (Source SJ FBI Agent)

Your DA, Bob Lee flat out refuses to file on crimes against women (Source: SCPD Inv Commander, Police Officers, WCS, WAWC, DV advocates)and even goes so far as to remove evidence from files to falsely lower his rates (source: DAO Victim Witness, Commissioner members, former heads of Women's Agencies local and other No CA regions). His filing rate is LESS than a third a percentage point (data obtained via DAO and WCS).

You have judges with known drug-trafficking connections (source: DEA, SCPD Inv Commander, WCS SAPM, SART, etc.) who do whatever it takes to terrorize crime victims by forcing them into silence and/or fleeing for their lives (source WAWC Director, WCS, Former head of SCCPVAW, other commission members, former feminist activists, other Nor Cal Agencies--some whose members work for the PD, female professionals within SC-DAO, MSWs who formerly sat on commissions). And also including: denying Restraining Orders and filing ROs against crime victims, bankrupting crime victims, slander and defaming crime victims through fraudulent evaluators (yes, some people will do anything for money. SC has a high rate of psychologists who have had their license revoked for fraud and criminal conduct Source: CA Board of Psychology) and even imprisoning crime victims and quite a nasty talent for making crime victims "disappear" (Source: WCS, former DV Commissioner, former head of SCCPVAW, SCPD Inv Commander, officers, former Ind Review Board, Citizen Review Board)Your judges are known batterers and one even sits on your own DV Commission (Source: SCPD Inv Commander, Detective, former DV commissioner members, Judge's former spouses)!

I don't even want to get into all the RICO corruption around Family Court (selling children to known abusers, sex-offenders, drug-dealers..) except to say that there's a reason that Santa Cruz has the highest (or second highest) rate of DV in the COUNTRY. Nothing like a SC judge to get an innocent child and mother murdered....

Your PD has already been wiped out (80s) due to Public Corruption. "There was a time women were raped when they went to report rape." You have rogue police officers assaulting crime victims again (source: WCS, WAWC, former activists, former head of CPVAW, DV activists), destroying evidence and abetting offenders.

You have a city council and Board of Supervisors who flat out refuse to respond to any crime victim (Source: WCS, WAWC, CPVAW, former feminist activists and writers, other Nor Cal Agencies, LAPD, CA NOW) and far, far too many within the system resigned to join in on the corruption ($$ to be made via bribes, etc.) or resigned to "That's the way it is here: it's always been this way.."

Maybe, just maybe the community should focus its energy to MAKE law enforcement do something so utterly odd as ENFORCE THE LAW for the lives of women and children instead of wasting tax payer monies on silly student spy surveillance.

As a gruff SF FBI Agent said to me, "We know all about Santa Cruz. The only way a woman could be safe would be to move!!" To which I said, "Whaaaatt?!?!" and he replied,
"Hey, Lady, waddya want?!? Your G-damned Mayor is doling out drugs right on the Courthouse Steps!!"

Point taken: Mike Rotkin has far more important things to do than address the epidemic violence against women and children in Santa Cruz...he's too busy getting high writing more of his anti-homeless hate-ordinances or throwing self-indulgent temper tantrums because another council member thought his starve-the-starving-build-the-convention-center was a little too, uh, fascist. And to think the NY all-the-news-that's-unfit-to-print Times labeled him a "marxist feminist"... As if!

Maybe, just maybe you could get law enforcement to address the domestic terrorism against innocent women and children occurring every day in Santa Cruz. Wouldn't that be...democratic?

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