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Re: Photos: "Just Us" Action Against SCPD Spying

Paranoid? Nostalgic,
Yes, it's a decades long conspiracy between me, the FBI, 15+ women's agencies, CA NOW, decent members of the PD, DAO and Courts, activists, journals, NLS databases, etc.... we did it just to rattle you. See how "we" are?

Grow up. Change your diapers and throw your don't-crimp-my-drug-rape-rite-of-misogynistic-passage tantrum elsewhere. This is Indy media: a forum to post and read critical information that the neo-con controlled mainstream media is intentionally suppressing. You know, people like you who, when confronted with a truth that exposes their own malevolence, start slinging deranged slander. Deceptive mendacity is neo-con's true calling-card. Maybe you've got something far more to hide than your blatant misogyny?

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