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Re: I'm Not Terrified, Did I Miss Something?

"Terrorism" is defined by the rulers. They create definitions of a word to suit their agenda. Since the evil Commies are no longer the bogeymen, (remember the Red Menace) "terrorists" fill the bill nicely.

Anyone can be called a terrorist under the Bush regime. Anyone THEY want. Why arent mining companies and forest clearcutters called "eco terrorists? Because the powers that be own the mass media and control the use of language and defiitions of words to brainwash and confuse us.

More examples of daffynitions:

"Murder": A guy shoots a guy dead. It's murder only if not done in a war (when murder is not really murder).

"Gangs" Their members wear similar colors and kill a bunch of other gang members who also wear similar colors.

This is illegal (murder) if the guys killing each other are in the same country. But if an even bigger Gang (a bunch of guys who dress alike to kill a huge bunch of other guys from another country who also dress alike (while also killing women and children) its no longer murder because
1. the bigger gangs are the military forces of all nations and 2."foreigners" are being murdered.

"Armed robbery" A guy robs a store using a gun. He can go to jail if caught. However, if the US robs Iraq of its oil at gunpoint (the military) its not really robbery, its "fighting terrorism"

Just like in Alice in Wonderland, things keep getting more insane while being called "national policy" Woo Hoo!

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