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Re: "Just Us" Campaign against SCPD spying update

I welcome an independent investigation, but ask: How independent can any investigation by city auditors of city employees really be? The city council has the authority to pass an ordinance prohibiting police spying, and they should.

I'd like to see 3 things come out of this:

1. full disclosure of ALL surveillance of ANY peaceful political group in the last three years, including any ties to federal and state law enforcement
2. an ordinance absolutely prohibiting the city police department from conducting surveillance of peaceful political groups
3. the police chief and city manager held accountable for police spying on citizens

Personally, I hope we will reach a point where the people of Santa Cruz will be able to express their free speech and free assembly rights without fear that there is a cop lurking in their midst.

As of this time, the full records that the police department was obligated by law to provide in our Public Record Act Request remain incomplete. The ACLU is filing another public records act request on our behalf this week.


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