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The Letter the Mayor Ignored

For those interested in a critique Mayor Mathews' treatment of City Council critics (such as Rico, whom she silenced on January 10th at Oral Communications) see:

Rico's suggestions are right on.

Since it's clear the Council won't act without broader and deeper pressure (perhaps in the pocketbook through lawsuits), more organizing and independent action seems a good and necessary road.

Lots of joyous street protests can be a liberating part of all of this.

While Madrigal's "City Manager Investigation" proposal is woefully insufficient, note that Rotkin's (see today's Sentinel story) is worse. Rotkin wants us to wait until the SCPD comes up with its cover story.

For the Sentinel story check out : for the Sentinel story.

No surprise, and directly in line with Rotkin's blocking of any meaningful information about tasering, use of force guidelines, SCPD beatings at Tent U last April, and other police capers.

Rotkin, remember, is (or was) on the Board of Directors of the ACLU. The ACLU--with the stench strong enough to curl the nostrils of the respectable--is now finally taking some local action in seeking Public Records (and more power to them for doing so). What we need, though is legal power to press for action.

While we're at it, wouldn't it be nice for the city to reveal where 24 hour cameras are placed downtown on and around Pacific Avenue in the city's ("we love marijuana, but let's felony-bust the kids at Borders") Drug War?

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