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Deputies did collude in the Corral raid and Sheriff Mark Tracy declined to publicly repudiate this policy. Local activist Richard Quigley has done an excellent analysis of Tracy's policy here, pointing out that the feds, in the absence of a specific court order
around Proposition 115, were in violation of state law.
Good Times, Metro Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and the San Jose Mercury-News (as well as The Alarm) have fastidiously avoided any discussion of the complicity of local authorities--including Deputies, SCPD, Board of Supes, and City Council in criminalizing medical marijuana use IN FACT, regardless of what they say for media consumption.
City Council’s notorious “zone away the buyers clubs” law of 2000 has made sure that only the small WAMM group can operate (leaving 80% of medical marijuana patients shit
out of luck).
Sarah Phelan, Laurel Cheskey, and Phar Meiss, should be particularly ashamed of their failure to expose the facts here.
For more information, check santacruz indymedia stories:
“A Letter to City Council” by Kate Wells Dec 10-02 (posted as comment)
"City Council: Time to Act Locally on Medical Marijuana!"
by Robert Norse 10:05pm Fri Oct 11 '02
"Time For Real City Council/Supervisor Action Not Political Posturing" by Robert Norse 10:41pm Tue Sep 17 '02 (Modified on 2:18pm Fri Sep 20 '02)

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