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liberating Iraq

How about we liberate the American public from having to work for MONTHS every year just to pay the "taxes" (read: extortion) for Washington's military adventures?

You want to liberate Iraq? Go do it on your own dime, and get your hand out of my wallet! It's hard enough just paying rent and buying groceries, without you warmongers raping me every April 15th to pay for your war games.

America is now $6 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. And the economy is collapsing as we speak. Doesnt that mean ANYTHING to you? Let me put it in perspective - you make $60k per year salary (and that's BEFORE taxes!), you have $180k in credit card debt, AND your job just announced you're getting a 30% cut in pay this year.

And now you want to give $20k to some fucked-up front-for-the-Italian-mafia so-called charity?!?!

Let me guess - you also think that "war is good for the economy"? Okay, let the Army fight the Navy in a big heavy-artillery cage match and we'll sit back while the magic money rolls in... or even better, you can just cash this reality check right now.

My god, listen to yourself.


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