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I don't call it Occupation anymore

Hello all,

I don't think its reasonable to use the word "Occupation" to describe the situation in Israel and the West Bank. To use that word, means that the clear title to the land belongs with one people and not the other. How can we presume to know, for sure, who really owns the West Bank/Israel/Samaria/Judea/Palestine?

It is far more accurate to describe these lands as "disputed lands" or "disputed territories".

Perhaps the organizers of this event want to make the case that the land does indeed belong to the Palestinian people.
If this is clearly true, and what activists are working so hard to obtain, how do you explain that the Palestinians refused the independant state of Palestine back in 1947 (and refused again in 2000) and instead joined other Arab nations to attack the infant Jewish nation? If both Arab and Jew have been living together on the West Bank for thousands of years, how does the land suddenly "belong" to one people and not the other?

In 1993, the Palestinian Authority was formed so that a 3 step process was to create the independant state of Palestine. The Palestinians instead, chose to launch terror attacks on the Jews and successfully disrupted the peace process. But when the ink was still wet on the agreement, in Oslo, Israel could no longer be considered the "occupier" of "Palestine". Only last March did the IDF incursion into the PA, and re-occupied parts of those cities.

Israel wants peace. Israel is willing to live side by side in peace with their Palestinian neighbors. Israel is willing to adjust borders, give up resources, and even dismantle settlements if it will bring peace. The issue here is does Israel have a right to exist as a Jewish state?

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