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everyone is facing budget cuts, maybe except the military. before anybody starts to look around to point fingers at anybody else, it's necessary that you know where your department's money is going to..

protests and demonstrations come out of the public NEED to address important issues that the government is either not listening or doesnt care enought to listen. blaming your budget crisis on the protestors and demonstrators is a bit low, and unfounded.

"I am concerned that the right of a relatively few to exercise their right to free speech, through protest and civil disobedience will have an absolutely devastating impact on education, public health, critical social services for the poor and numerous other programs currently supported by city and county governments," Chief Richard Ehle

actually, you should be more concerned with how the outrageous military/war budget is devastating education, public health, critical social services and whatnot. especially in light of the $75 billion increase in war budget, and that money is coming out of education, veterens' benefits, etc...

cities and towns across the nation and world are facing serious impacts of anti-war protests and police departments in those cities and towns are forced to have to deal w/ us. have you asked yourself why?

when your officers are on duty at an anti-war protest or demonstration, do they understand the upmost SERIOUS consequences of american citizens' IN-ACTION?

one last point, nobody is doubting how the law enforcement agencies carry the responsbilities to be present and "keep peace" at all protests and demonstrations, but the law enforcement agencies are being screwed over in very similar fashions as do other federal-funded and state-funded institutions.

what needs to happen, is for the law enforcement agencies to realize the current socio-political circumstances and make a clear and conscious decision whether or not they are at protests and demonstrations to "protect civilian and property safety" or to interfere, shut-down, and obstruct efforts of anti-war and anti-imperialism.

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