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Krohn the Educator? No, Krohn the Politician. Again.

If only Krohn took some principled leadership stands on local issues, I wouldn't feel so nauseous when I see this kind of article.

Though elected to address local issues such as the need for real community control of police, reform of the anti-homeless laws, a real public process for City Council, a downtown plaza, rent control, making medical marijuana available locally, etc. etc. ad nauseum, Krohn never sought any kind of meaningful leadership role and often abandoned even the role of loyal opposition in his four years of City Council-ship.

Out of power, he has been no better, though he occasionally shows up at a peace rally as he did today...before the Lockheed action happened, not staying for the actual action.

Maybe it's unrealistic to expect that politicians be activists. Maybe it's wrong to resent them for that failure. It just irks me to see politicians getting praised and publicized and feted when local human rights activists get side-lined or trashed.

Krohn's silence in the face of City Council's recent failure to call for the safe and immediate return of the troops, a ceasefire, and an end to the bombing is just the latest example of his fluff-and-feathers without substance.

Krohn has been through the closed-door process that is the City Council: he knows that City Manager Dick Wilson's staff controls what goes on and that the current Reilly-Kennedy Council is simply the rubberstamping body. Has he spoken out about this in any way to educate the community? No.

Talk about some local and something real, Chris. Then we can begin to take you seriously.

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