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Some More Inquiries for Inquiring Mind

My criticism of Krohn has to do with his political behavior; it is not an ad hominem attack.

Krohn's surrender-to-staff is not unique to him, but is symptomatic of the entire sitting City Council and of the illness that is plaguing the Council as an institution.

Krohn's failure to act and even to be publicly candid about that failure is important to comment on and denounce, if we are to get anywhere on these issues--which are still currently in cold storage. Is Inquiring Mind concerned about these issues at all? Does he have high regard for Krohn's record and achievements? Perhaps he could cite these for us, so we could all have a more balanced view.

Perhaps Inquiring Mind could go through the issues I mentioned and clarify where I am in error, or specify what use Krohn's polemic is, other than to highlight his own hypocrisy? Sure, politics is local--that's why it would be nice if Krohn came clean about what really happened locally during his four-year stint on the Council.

Whether he does or not, it's important that we have no illusions about what happened. That's the primary reason for the criticism.

On those (rare) occasions where Krohn took strong stands, I commended him (lone opposition to shoulder tap law, limited opposition to the Downtown Ordinances, occasional principled vote against the Dolphin-Lee Beach Flats ethnic cleansing, early--and quickly abandoned--support for community control of police).

I actually wrote him a long letter when he became Mayor commending him for 15 good stands, trying to encourage him to stop worrying about pleasing the Council majority and return to his constituencies in the community. He responded by cutting back Oral Communications time and harassing or arresting critics at Council. Or doing nothing as Mayor when other Council members did.

Could be the very institution of the City Council--as it currently exists--with its addiction to conservative staff input is at the heart of the cancer.

The only reason I mentioned Krohn at all is that this Good Times fluffiania was posted here. Usually ex-office holders are no longer fair game unless they start pontificating. It's usually best to let hot air fade away. There's always a new supply from the current Council.

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