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emperor bush greeted by protestors

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approx 2000 defiant protestors braved threatening skies to show their anger at the commander in thief. also present were about 50 flag-waving supporters of the self-styled "president", along with many san jose cops in riot gear, and a contingent of horseback cops. we marched to the rally site on coleman ave at around 9:15, then milled around and danced and waved our signs for awhile. we chanted cool slogans like "George Bush, War Criminal", while the supporters (especially the little kiddies) chirruped, "We love Bush". at around 11, a murmur of booing arose from the crowd. i saw a dark vehicle accelerating quickly thru the police corridor. in a scant handful of seconds, he was gone. i was surprised that i didn't feel anything. i would have thought there might be some distinctive sensation associated with being in the presence of such a great evil. but there wasn't. some of the protestors chanted, "This is what democracy looks like". i wonder. i wonder whether our most powerful elected (supposedly, anyway) official was even aware of our presence.
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