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Re: The Santa Cruz Chemtrail Action Network is born!!!

if the chemtrails are "so called", then how could they be six miles up. that would mean that they are real!!

how do you know they are six miles up.

if you know that, then what else do you know about chemtrails?

how do you know if it is effecting our health or not?

how do you know it is not a problem?

The research points to the fact that the chemtrails may be in the aproximate range of 20,000-35,000 feet. Considering the miles of video tape evidence of the planes and the chemtrails, testomonies from air traffic controllers (documented as well), many thousands of reports from all over the u.s., canada and other other nato countries, and many tons of personal testamonies and photos from all over, it would appear that you are in a massive state of denial!!!!!

words don't make reality go away!!!

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