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Re: The Santa Cruz Chemtrail Action Network is born!!!

I thought it was a bunk, bogus "conspiracy theory" as well, for a long time.

Then at the urging of friends, I finally went to the websites, searched around, and checked out if there was any real research, documentation, credible evidence.

Sadly, I found out I was in a "massive state of denial" and realized that the chemtrails are very real and have been going on for years, increasing intensely since late 1998.

I also found out that there is very credible evidence pointing to a massive weather control experiement, and that it is being done without our permission, which is illegal.

I also found out that our government has a huge history of spray operations, and "testing" of various chemicals over civilian populations for years, and without telling anyone!! (It is only years later that people find out)

Anyone who takes the time will find out the chemtrail operation is very very real, and when you start to pay attention to the skies, you will, sadly, find out for yourself the truth:

Santa Cruz is being sprayed with "something" almost every day.

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